Mentai Rusk: This shortbread is made by baking French bread in Ishigama twice to form a crispy texture. The surface is coasted with slightly spicy mentaiko and cream, which is fragrant and delicious. Eat it as a snack or top it off with your favorite cheese or hummus.

Contains: Milk, wheat, soybeans, salmon, seafood.

Ingredients: Wheat flour (domestic production), margarine, sugar, shortening, rye, salt, yeast, processed spicy cod roe, powdered sugar, cod powder, spices, salmon extract powder, fish sauce powder (seafood), protein hydrolyzate, wheat protein , Glucose, non-fat dry milk, foods / seasonings (amino acids, etc.) made mainly from milk, processed starch, silicon dioxide, acidulants, spices, coloring agents (red koji), antioxidants (vitamin C), sweeteners (Stevia), (some include milk ingredients, wheat, salmon, soybeans, fish sauce powder (seafood).

Karatsu Lemon Cake: The ‘Karatsu Lemon Cake’ is made with the minced lemon fruit puree from the original lemon grown at Karatsu Urada Farm in Kami Saga Prefecture. The moist cake has a fresh fragrance and the unique bitterness and sourness of lemon! Honey is also added to the rich flavor, adding to the sweet taste!

Contains: Eggs, milk, wheat, soybeans.

Ingredients: Foods made mainly from liquid eggs (domestic production), flour, milk, etc., semi-chocolate, lemon puree (lemon (100% from Karatsu, Saga Prefecture), sugar), sugar, water candy, processed fats and oils (sugar, vegetable fats and oils, Defatted milk powder), edible fats and oils, honey, almond poodles, processed fats and oils (frucosaccharide liquid sugar, edible fats and oils) / emulsifiers, swelling agents, flavors, acidulants, coloring agents (yellow 4), antioxidants (VE) , (Some include wheat, eggs, dairy ingredients, and soybeans).

Kirara Strawberry: Amao strawberries are of high standard in color, size, sweetness, and juice content, and are second to none among the many strawberry varieties in Japan. The Kirara Strawberry is a biscuit with a cream filling made with these sweet and sour Amao strawberries. The two pink biscuits sandwiches the thick white chocolate cream. The double taste is crunchy and dense with the delicate and natural sweet and sour taste of strawberry. The crushed corn flakes enhances the taste!

Contains: Wheat, eggs, milk, soybeans.

Ingredients: Semi-chocolate, flour, margarine (edible fats and oils, fermented butter, etc.), chicken eggs, sugar, corn flakes, almonds, vegetable fats and oils, strawberry powder, milk, dried raspberry processed products, fats and oils processed foods / emulsifiers, acidulants, swelling agents, sorbits , Fragrance, coloring (vegetable pigment, red koji, red 102), (some include wheat, egg, milk component, soybean).

Tirolian: Traditional biscuit rolls from Austria that have been modified into Japanese flavors. Crispy biscuits rolls made with fresh milk and cream, with homemade light cream filling, combined to form a harmonious sweet!

Contains: Eggs, wheat, milk, soybeans.


[Amaou Tyrolean] Sugar, shortening, egg, wheat flour, milk, butter, fresh cream, strawberry powder (lactose, strawberry (amaou), dextrin), honey, hazelnut / colorant (red beet pigment, red koji pigment), swelling agent, Fragrance, acidulant (citric acid), thickener (pectin), (including some strawberries, eggs, milk components, soybeans)
[Gyokuro Tyrolean]
Sugar, shortening, eggs, flour, milk, butter, whipped cream, jade dew powder, honey, hazelnuts / fragrances, swelling agents, (some include wheat, eggs, dairy ingredients, soybeans)
[Mango Tyrolean]
Sugar, shortening, eggs, flour, milk, butter, whipped cream, mango powder (mango, dextrin), honey, hazelnuts / colorings (carotene pigments), fragrances, swelling agents, (some wheat, eggs, milk ingredients, (Including soybeans)

Mentai Senbei: The carefully selected domestic white rice is minced with a special technique and then fried. The mixing of various rice grains of different sizes makes the ingredients more flavorful. In addition, small shrimps are also added to the rice grains so that you can taste the fine-grained shrimp flavor in every bite. In the middle of the senbei mentaiko, a Hakata specialty, is also added! This new and spicy mentaiko sea senbei is simply delicious!

Contains: Eggs, wheat, shrimp, soybeans

Ingredients: Egg white (including eggs), reduced water candy, processed glutinous rice food, processed starch food (starch, wheat flour, etc.), sugar, shortening, wheat flour, dried shrimp, cod roe powder processed product, salt, sardine / seasoning (amino acids, etc .: soybean) Origin), swelling agent, modified starch, emulsifier, colorant (cod roe, red cod roe), fragrance.

Marshmallow Chocolate: The soft marshmallow wrap the fragrant chocolate filling, which is a perfect combination of flavors and sweetness.

Contains: Milk, soybeans, gelatin.

Ingredients: The soft marshmallow wrap the fragrant chocolate filling, which is a perfect combination of flavors and sweetness.

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