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Vintage Ange: Fall in love with this chocolate cake with a deep and rich taste. Delicious chocolate cream is wrapped in a moist chocolate dough and baked!

Contains: Wheat, egg, milk component, orange, soybean, apple.

Ingredients: Liquid egg (made in Japan), chocolate spread (cream, sugar, cocoa mass, egg, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, vegetable oil, milk protein, non-fat milk powder), sugar, margarine, wheat flour, white bean paste (green beans) ), Milk-based foods, water candy, almond poodle, semi-chocolate, Western liquor, shortening, cocoa powder, red bean paste, chocolate, cocoa mass / trehalose, emulsifier, fragrance, swelling agent, cellulose, enzyme, Whey salt, colorant (carotene), antioxidant (rosemary extract), (some include wheat, egg, milk component, orange, soybean, apple).

Nikko Rusk Matcha: Nikko Rusk, a new souvenir created by Japanese confectionery craftsman at Nissho-do. Nissho-do was founded in Showa 12, and is one of the confectionery store of the “Nikko Toshogu Shrine". Enjoy the matcha rusks that have a juicy taste that matches the sweetness of sugar and the bitter sweetness of matcha! These rusk has a new texture that is crispy, delicious, ad bite-sized.

Contains: Soybeans, milk.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, margarine, butter, sugar, processed matcha (dextrin, matcha), salt, dry yeast, emulsifier, thickener (guar gum), yeast food, colorant (cutinashi), flavor, antioxidant (vitamin C), (Some of the raw materials include milk and soybeans).

Tirolian Plum Flavor: Tirolian is Chidoriya, a 390-year-old confectionery shop, signature sweets. This time is traditional Japanese plum flavor. Enjoy crispy biscuit rolls made of fresh milk and cream, coupled with homemade light cream fillings, and the slightly sour plum aroma spreading in your mouth, forming a harmonious sweetness. The packaging design is based on the theme of woodcarving birds from Dazaifu Shinto ceremonies, which will bring you good luck in the 2021 New Year!

Contains: Eggs, wheat, milk ingredients, soybeans.

Ingredients: Sugar, shortening, eggs, flour, milk, butter, whipped cream, plum powder (dextrin, plum juice), honey, hazelnuts / fragrances, swelling agents, coloring agents (benibana pigments, cutinashi pigments), (some eggs / wheat / Including milk ingredients and soybeans).

Ande Chocolate Danish Bread: Did you know that in addition to matcha in Kyoto, bread is actually the most consumed? The love of people in Kyoto for bread gave birth to bread brands such as “ANDE". Founded in Gion, ANDE is committed to developing more delicious bread, and has launched canned Danish bread that can be stored for one and a half years. It satisfies Kyoto people’s requirements for deliciousness. It is convenient to carry and can be stored, and is a popular item that is always sold out. The chocolate flavor included this time is the most popular flavor!

Contains: Milk ingredients.

Ingredients: Dairy products (made in Japan), cherry puree (Sato Nishiki) / citric acid, coloring agents (beat red), flavors, antioxidants (vitamin E), (some milk components are included).

Ponhaze Brown Sugar Popcorn: The 73-year-old Nagoya long-established Enshuya shop developed a delicious treat made from common ingredients during the postwar period when supplies were scarce. This brown sugar popcorn flavor interweaves popped corn and Okinawa brown sugar that is rich in minerals. The simple and delicious aroma combines the rich sweetness of brown sugar and corn.

Contains: Milk ingredients.

Ingredients: Dairy products (domestic production), La France juice / citric acid, flavors, colorants (cutinashi, safflower yellow), antioxidants (vitamin E), (some milk components included).

Mochiya Potato Chips: The 48-year-old rice cracker, “Sanzhen," and the 55-year-old mochi restaurant, “Mochiya," jointly launched a new type of potato chips! It is made with the simplest raw materials, mixed with rice and mashed potatoes, with a little bit of rock salt to enhance the aroma! The light salty taste and the roasted crispy taste, plus the special texture of thick cuts makes this chips irresistible.

Contains: Dairy ingredients, soybeans.

Ingredients: Mochi rice (domestic), foods made mainly from dairy products, shortening, vegetable fats and oils, salt, processed cheese / casein, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), sodium phosphate, emulsifiers, fragrances, coloring agents (anato), spice extraction Things, (some include dairy ingredients and soybeans).

Curry Rice Crackers: Ready for something unique? Try this crispy fried rice cracker that was carefully fried and entwined with a secret curry sauce to create a moist finish for a tasty snack that is irresistible!

Contains: Milk ingredients.

Ingredients: Dairy products (made in Japan), cherry puree (Sato Nishiki) / citric acid, coloring agents (beat red), flavors, antioxidants (vitamin E), (some milk components are included).

Hello Kitty Millet Biscuit: The Nomura Mire pie, is now collaborating with Sanrio’s Hello Kitty to launch the Kitty styles! It looks ordinary and unremarkable, but the treat tastes unexpectedly delicious! Japan’s Nomura fried bean processing shop was established in the 12th year of Taisho, and it has been over a hundred years in business. It has a strong ancient flavor and a salty and sweet crunchy taste that is loved by many.

Contains: Wheat, soybeans.

Ingredients: Biscuit dough (flour, sugar, shortening, glucose, salt), vegetable oil, salt / leavening agent, emulsifier (derived from soybeans).

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