Kyo Neko-San Cookie:

A refreshing and simple cookie that is delightful to the taste. The striped pattern cat cookie has a black sesame flavor, and the floral and seasonal patterns have a plain flavor.

Contains: Wheat, eggs, milk, soybeans

Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, margarine, unsalted butter, sweetened egg yolk, egg, almond poodle, Wasanbon, black sesame, salt, fragrance, coloring agent (blue 1, red 102, 106, yellow 4)

Marutto Hokkaido Strawberry Chocolate: This delicious sweet uses whole Hokkaido strawberry with moderate acidity and rich aroma is freeze-dried and coated with milky and smooth chocolate.

Contains: milk, soybeans

Ingredients: Sugar (domestic production), lactose, cocoa butter, vegetable oil, whole milk powder, dried strawberry, skim milk powder, dextrin / emulsifier, acidulant, flavoring

Sakura Marshmallows: This sweet is made by Fukuoka sweet shop Ishimura that has been creating treats using local high-quality ingredients. This limited delicious fluffy and chewy marshmallow uses cherry blossom flavor and scent. Inside you will find a milky and rich taste of white chocolate that is creamy and sweet!

Contains: Milk, soybeans, gelatin

Ingredients: Sugar, white ganache cream (sugar, vegetable fats and oils, whole milk powder, maltose, cocoa butter), starch syrup, gelatin, cornstarch, trehalose, fragrance, emulsifier, coloring agent (beat red)

Shrimp Sakura Senbei: A very light textured shrimp cracker made by frying raw shrimp and boiled shrimp with starch. The savory flavor of shrimp and the exquisite saltiness combine to make it delicious.

Contains: N/A

Ingredients: Potato starch (domestic production), shrimp, vegetable oil, salt, yeast extract, potato starch / processed starch, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), sweeteners (stevia, licorice), coloring agents (paprika pigment, red yeast rice)

Ragueneau Inochi Apple Custard Cake in Sakura Flavor: The 136-year-old Aomori brand Ragueneau has won many gold awards at the Japan National Fruit Fair. This time they bring you their famous apple cake in cherry blossom flavor! A limited fluffy sakura-colored cake with a jelly center that contains sakura leaves in a smooth custard cream.

Contains: Milk, eggs, wheat

Ingredients: Flower paste (domestic production), flour preparation (wheat flour, sugar, defatted milk powder), liquid chicken egg, jelly with cherry leaves (sugar, reduced starch syrup, cherry leaf syrup, etc.), sugar, edible emulsified fat, liqueur, cherry leaf syrup pickled, reduced Syrup / trehalose, modified starch, glycine, swelling agent, emulsifier, paste (thickening polysaccharide), fragrance, acidulant, colorant (cochinil, red koji, carotinoid), sake spirit, myoban

Feve Cashew x Sakura: Cashew nuts are sprinkled with sakura leaf powder to create a gentle taste. It is a popular limited-time product every year, with a crispy texture and a slight spread of the cherry blossom flavor. Served with sweet and sour dried cranberries. The package design features a cherry blossom motif, perfect for spring in Japan.

Contains: Wheat, milk, soybeans, cashew nuts

Ingredients: Cashew nuts, lactose, vegetable oils, sugar, wheat flour, starch, shelled almonds, cherry leaves, myoban, colorants (red beet pigments), emulsifiers (lecithin), antioxidants (VE), fragrances

Todaya Small Sakura Daifuku: A Japanese confection consisting of a small round mochi in cherry blossom flavor stuffed with sweet bean paste and finally coated in sakura leaf powder. The flavor of cherry blossoms is fully packed in this mini mochi sweet.

Contains: pending.

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