Maiko-San Chocolate Cookies: “Maicoto", a cookie brand located in Kyoto Gion, launched a series of cookies inspired by the streets of Kyoto. These cute cookies are shaped as Maikos, an apprentice geisha in Kyoto. This yummy chocolate cookie with a soft texture is kneaded with white chocolate and paired with a matcha-flavored flower shaped cookie for a delicious combination!

Contains: Wheat, eggs, milk, soybeans


[Original flavor] Semi-chocolate, edible refined processed fats and oils, edible vegetable fats and oils, sugar, whole milk powder, lactose, cocoa butter, corn starch, non-fat dry milk, milk fat, dairy main foods, dairy products, wheat flour / emulsifiers, fragrances, coloring agents (Blue No. 1, Red No. 102, Red No. 106, Yellow No. 4) (Some include wheat, milk, eggs, and soybeans)
[Matcha flavor] Semi-chocolate, edible refined processed fats and oils, edible vegetable fats and oils, sugar, whole milk powder, lactose, cocoa butter, corn starch, defatted milk powder, milk fat, dairy foods, dairy products, wheat flour, matcha / emulsifiers, fragrances

Higashiyama Nama Yatsuhashi in Uji Matcha Flavor: The nama (raw) yatsuhashi is a traditional and popular treat with mochi-like texture from Kyoto that are perfect gifts and souvenir. The brand “Higashiyama" has been making yastuhashi for more than 80 years. For matcha flavor, they carefully selected Uji matcha tea, which is famous for its high quality matcha. Uji matcha flavored bean paste wrapped in fragrant matcha raw Yatsuhashi. Enjoy the taste of Uji matcha’s rich aroma and the elegant traditional flavor from Kyoto.

Contains: Milk, soybeans, sesame

Ingredients: Uji Matcha bean paste (sugar, syrup, starch syrup, matcha, agar), sugar, rice flour, soybean flour, starch syrup, matcha, / trehalose, sorbitol, enzyme, red koji yellow element, cutinashi blue pigment, fragrance

Maruya Maiko Spicy Curry Senbei: Produced by Kyoto’s well-known chili pepper brand uses Japanese domestic habanero peppers and several other types of peppers to make their secret spicy powder recipe. The crispy and light-textured senbei has a deep curry flavor, and the aroma of the spicy habanero powder spreads out in your mouth. It is refreshingly spicy with the curry flavor. If you are addicted to spicy food, you for sure don’t want to miss this.

Contains: Chicken, beef

Ingredients: Uruchi rice (domestic), vegetable fats and oils, salt, sugar, dextrin, curry powder, powder sauce, shichimi chili (domestic), seasoning extract (including chicken), beef extract powder, (including beef), onion powder, spices, yeast extract Powder / processed starch, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), acidulants, flavoring extracts, flavors, caramel pigments, sweeteners (stevia)

Kyoto Matcha Pudding (1 Pudding): An award ‘Monde Selection’ gold winning matcha pudding made by the long-established Uji tea specialty store Maruso. It is made from 100% Uji matcha from Kyoto Prefecture for a flavorful matcha pudding. They use twice the amount of matcha so you can enjoy a more deeper and rich taste.

Contains: Eggs, milk

Ingredients: Eggs, dairy products, vegetable oils, matcha, starch, thickening polysaccharides, flavors, crocin pigments

Nakashin Uji Matcha Wafer: A popular and flavorful wafer with a rich matcha cream taste that have been fragrantly baked. They use quality Uji matcha ingredients from Kyoto Prefecture for a rich taste.

Contains: Wheat, milk, soybeans

Ingredients: Made mainly from wheat flour (domestic production), shorting, glucose, lactose, sugar, matcha, milk, etc., cone starch, waxy starch, vegetable fats and oils, modified starches, emulsifiers, oxidation Inhibitors (V.C), ph adjusters, swelling agents, (some include wheat, lactose and soybeans)

Simi Choco Matcha Milk: White chocolate is soaked in a cute, crispy star shaped corn snack, along with a luxurious taste of Uji matcha with a rich Japanese scent. This crunchy corn chips contain calcium and dietary fiber so that you can enjoy this mellow sweet snack with less guilt.

Contains: Milk, wheat

Ingredients: Made mainly from vegetable oils (including soybeans), sugar, corn glitz, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, lactose, cheese powder, matcha (100% Uji matcha), glucose, butter oil, milk, etc., salt, wheat flour / emulsifier , Ca carbonate, fragrance, coloring (chlorella powder)

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