Chaya Butter Sand Chocolate: This vegetarian snack is made with ‘Rice flour macrobi butter sand’ that is a gluten-free rice flour made from super-food golden berries, pistachios, and oranges, along with macrobi specific butter made without using dairy products.Instead of using white sugar, Chaya uses mineral-rich dates syrup, maple syrup, and low GI mat starch syrup, and sea salt from Oku Noto sea. The Chaya Butter Sand chocolate is coated with white sugar-free macrobiotic chocolate that is slightly bitter and goes well the the rich flavors. You will be amazed how rich and delicious it is, even though it uses only plant-based ingredients.

Precautions for storage: Avoid direct sunlight and store at 25°C or below. Please consume immediately after opening.

Contains: Orange, yam.

Ingredients: Rice flour, chocolate (cocoa mass, starch syrup, cacao butter), almond powder, boiled Physalis syrup (crude sugar, golden berry, orange, pistachio), almond powder, palm oil (trans fatty acid free), coconut milk, yam, dates syrup, Maple syrup, almond paste, malt starch syrup, salt (Oku Notokai salt) / baking powder (aluminum free).

Gohobi Jelly Strawberry: Gohobi Jelly uses natural fruits that are mashed and frozen quickly to lock in the sweetness of the fruit. A box of 1,000mg of marine collagen is added.

The jelly uses Amao strawberries from Fukuoka, a large strawberry prefecture in Japan, and the most popular of all Fukuoka strawberries because of its sweetness, size, and juice content. The sweetness has a slight acidity and its the best gift for loved ones.

Best served frozen.

Contains: Gelatin.

Ingredients: Glucose-fructose liquid sugar, strawberry puree, sugar, fish collagen peptide, konjac flour / gelling agent (thickening polysaccharide), sorbitol, fragrance, acidulant, (some gelatin is included).

Gohobi Jelly Muskat: Gohobi Jelly uses natural fruits that are mashed and frozen quickly to lock in the sweetness of the fruit. A box of 1,000mg of marine collagen is added.

This jelly uses the Muscat Alexandre grape produced in Okayama that once set a record price of 100,000 yen for a bunch at auction. It has a round and full appearance like a green gem, and the rich taste of the fruit is unmatched by other varieties!

Contains: Gelatin.

Ingredients: Glucose-fructose liquid sugar, grape puree (muscat), sugar, fish collagen peptide, konjac flour / gelling agent (thickening polysaccharide), sorbitol, acidulant, fragrance (some gelatin is included).

Lotus Chips: Since its establishment in 1987, the company has adhered to the traditional preparation method and using only three simple ingredients: Japanese lotus roots, vegetable oil (Japanese rice oil), and salt (Tokushima Naruto sea salt). Strictly selecting high-quality lotus roots from Nissan that are rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C, tannins, and lutin. Using healthy rice oil and sea salt from Tokushima Naruto for simple seasoning to preserve the natural flavor. This snack is healthy and safe to eat.

Contains: None.

Ingredients: Lotus root (domestic), vegetable oil (domestic rice oil), salt (salt from Tokushima Naruto).

Beauty Marshmallow: The confectionery uses Morinaga Milk’s exclusive ‘Shield Lactic Acid Bacteria’ technology for this beauty marshmallow! There are 10 billion lactic acid bacteria in one bag, which can activate the immune cells of the intestines and improve the body’s immunity. The improvement can also make the skin better.

Contains: Milk ingredients, gelatin.

Ingredients: Sugar, starch syrup, gelatin, starch, lactic acid bacteria dry powder (sterilized) / trehalose, fragrance, (some milk components, gelatin included).

Nori Chips: The super shabu-shabu ‘Nori Chips’ is carefully selected from Kumamoto’s local ‘Ariake Nori’ to bring the taste and aroma from the sea. The crispy tempura adds enhances the flavors of the nori, making you eat the whole bag without knowing it!

Contains: Egg, what, squid.

Ingredients: Wheat flour (domestic production), vegetable oil, glue (domestic production), starch, salt, sugar, squid, egg white, blue-green algae / seasonings (amino acids, etc.), sweeteners (licorice, stevia), antioxidants (VC), spice extraction Things, (including some wheat, eggs, and squid).

Gobochi YUZUSCO: Japan’s super popular burdock slicked snacks, Gobochi, are pure, natural, and additive-free! They are 100% made from Miyazaki’s own burdock. They have been awarded the ‘Minister of Fisheries Award of Japan’ and the cumulative sales have succeeded 500,000 bags. The Kyushu-limited flavor launched in collaboration with Yuzusco combines the refreshing flavors of grapefruit and slightly spicy Tang Xinzi. In addition to eating it directly, you can also add it to dishes to increase the taste.

Contains: Wheat.

Ingredients: Gobo (domestic), soy sauce (soy sauce, sugar, flavored ingredients (bonito broth, kelp soup stock, shiitake extract, chirimen extract), mirin, fermented seasoning liquid), rice oil, potato starch, wheat flour, brewed vinegar, chili pepper, yuzu peel, Salt, (some contains wheat and soy sauce).

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