Hokkaido Strawberry Caramel: Enjoy this limited strawberry flavored caramel candy that fills your mouth with juicness! Using strawberry powder from Hokkaido, it is deliciously finished for a pleasant sweet candy.

Contains: N/A

Ingredients: Starch sugar, sweetened milk, sugar, vegetable oil, wheat flour, strawberry powder (using strawberry from Hokkaido), salt, sorbitol, emulsifier, flavor, acidulant, safflower pigment

Glico Pocky Sakura Matcha: A fun Pocky with a combination of sakura and matcha flavors! Chocolate that uses Uji matcha with umami richness, covering the pretzel that contains sakura leaf extract.

Contains: Milk・Wheat・Soybean

Ingredients: Wheat, sugar, lactose, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, vegetable oil, shortening, matcha, cherry leaf extract powder, salt, yeast / emulsifier, Benikouji pigment, flavor, seasoning (inorganic salt), swelling agent, sweetener (sucralose)

Tyrolean Chocolate Sakura Mochi: Experience this seasonal sweet with the taste of cherry blossom mochi in the center with every bite you take! Giving you a ‘sakura’ taste for a spring experience!

Contains: Milk ingredients, soybeans, gelatin

Ingredients: Sugar, lactose, vegetable oil, cocoa butter, starch syrup, reduced starch syrup, whole milk powder, gelatin, red bean powder, cocoa mass, cocoa powder, cherry leaf salted powder, starch, salt, glutinous powder / trehalose, emulsifier (derived from soybean), fragrance, Brightener, vegetable pigment

Bakauke Sakura Shrimp: A delicious rice cracker that are coated with a sakura shrimp powder, for a great combination of sweet and savory! Sakura shrimp has translucent pink and more intense flavor which was kneaded into the rice cracker dough. Prepare to enjoy the umami of the sakura shrimp in every bite!

Contains: Soybeans, shrimp


Rice (Uruchi rice (US, Japanese), Uruchi rice flour (US,Japanese), vegetable oil, starch, salt, sugar, seafood extract powder, dextrin, protein hydrolyzate (including soybeans), yeast powder, Sakura Shrimp powder
/ Modified starch, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), flavors (derived from shrimp)

Sangaria Mellow Strawberry & Milk: This rich drink has a gentle taste that exquisitely combines the modertae sweetness and sourness of strawberries and the mellowness of milk into a perfect drink!

Contains: Milk

Ingredients: Sugar, milk, whole milk powder, strawberry juice, skim milk powder, coconut oil, dextrin, salt / fragrance, emulsifier, vitamin C, carmine pigment, sweetener (stevia)

Koala March Strawberry: Koala March is full of deliciousness and fun. The crispy biscuit dough has a solid taste of strawberry chocolate for a delightful snacking time.

Contains: Eggs, milk, wheat, soybeans

Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil, lactose, starch, shortening, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, whey powder, whole egg, multitall, strawberry powder, salt, cream powder / swelling agent, coloring agent (caramel, red koji, red beet), Emulsifier (derived from soybeans), fragrance

Puku Pukutai Strawberry: A unique strawberry-flavored air-in chocolate in the shape of a fun taiyaki-shaped wagashi.

Contains: Milk, wheat, soybeans

Ingredients: Wafer (wheat flour, sugar, starch, vegetable oil, salt) (domestic production), lactose, cocoa butter, sugar, vegetable oil, whole milk powder, dried strawberry / modified starch, flavor, emulsifier (derived from soybean), coloring agent (red beet, Red koji), shell calcium, swelling agent, acidulant

Fue Ramune Strawberry: Two great drink flavors come together in this candy, melding ramune with strawberry. This sweet turns into a fun whistle too! Try it out.

Contains: N/A

Ingredients: Glucose, sugar / emulsifier, acidulant, paste (pullulan, modified starch), flavor, anthocyanin pigment

Calbee Spring Salted Flavor: Using Hokkaido potatoes, these Spring Potato chips have a sweet and salty taste that is flavorful and rich! The gentle flavor is perfect for spring.

Contains: Soybeans

Ingredients: Potato (not genetically modified) (100% from Hokkaido), vegetable oil, fructose, salt, corn starch, reduced starch syrup, dextrin, konbu extract powder, protein hydrolyzate (including soybeans) / seasoning (amino acid), flavoring

Yaokin Cup Cotton Candy Strawberries: A nostalgic cotton candy snack in a convenient mini cup! Enjoy this strawberry flavored cotton candy that will make you feel like you are in a carnival!

Contains: N/A

Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup / acidulant, glycerin, flavoring, coloring (red 40, yellow 4, blue 1)

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